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About Anxiety

If you frequently feel anxious or fearful, see the experts at Hudson River Care and Counseling in Hoboken and Teaneck, New Jersey. The licensed mental health specialists offer counseling to help you overcome anxiety disorders, gain peace of mind, and experience the best quality of life possible. Schedule an in-person or virtual mental health evaluation at Hudson River Care and Counseling by phone or request one online today.

Anxiety Q&A

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is a mental health condition that affects your well-being. An anxiety disorder can cause you to feel anxious, worried, or fearful in situations that don’t negatively affect many other people. Anxiety is common, affecting about 19% of adults in the United States. While it’s common to have anxiety from time to time, extreme or ongoing fear is something you don’t have to live with — help is available with Hudson River Care and Counseling. 

What are the symptoms of anxiety disorders?

The symptoms of anxiety disorders include:

  • Ongoing worry or fear
  • Phobias (extreme fear of certain things)
  • Trembling 
  • Sweating
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Problems concentrating
  • Depression
  • Substance misuse

You might feel anxious in certain situations, such as when you’re around other people — particularly large groups of people. 

What are the different types of anxiety disorders?

Different types of anxiety disorders are as follows.

  • Generalized anxiety disorder: anxiety about everyday events, activities, or routines
  • Agoraphobia: fear of situations or places that cause panic or feeling trapped
  • Medical condition-induced anxiety: anxiety related to a medical condition
  • Selective mutism: failure to speak in certain situations
  • Panic disorder: intense fear, anxiety, or terror and panic attacks
  • Phobias: severe anxiety when exposed to specific situations or objects
  • Separation anxiety disorder: anxiety when children separate from their parents
  • Social anxiety disorder: anxiety during social situations
  • Substance-induced anxiety disorder: panic associated with drug or alcohol misuse

It’s common to have more than one type of anxiety disorder.

What can cause anxiety?

The cause of anxiety isn’t always known, and anyone may develop it. Some people are more prone to experiencing anxiety, including those with a family history of anxiety disorders and people with certain personality types. You might experience anxiety after a traumatic event, such as domestic abuse, sexual abuse, human trafficking, or other forms of trauma. 

How is anxiety treated?

Hudson River Care and Counseling provides in-person and virtual counseling sessions (talk therapy) to help you combat anxiety. They get to know you and teach strategies for overcoming fear, worry, depression, and more.

Hudson River Care and Counseling specializes in using holistic, spiritual strategies. You might meet with a therapist individually or as a couple, family, or group.

It’s common to meet with your counselor once a week for an hour. They follow up as needed for additional treatment sessions. If you’re a candidate for taking medication, your therapist refers you to another specialist. However, counseling on its own is highly effective.

Call the Hudson River Care and Counseling office any time you have questions or concerns. Your therapist may alter therapy sessions based on your personalized needs.

Schedule an anxiety evaluation at Hudson River Care and Counseling by calling the office or booking an appointment online today.